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Kaleiçi, Kiliçaslan Mah.
Mermerli Banyo Sok. No:23
07100 Antalya/Turkey

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The history of Antalya goes down “only” till the Hellenistic Period.

Attalos II, Pergamon King founded the city. 150 B.C. and gave the name Attelia derived from his name. During the years where Roman Empire expanded to the inner Asia Minor it has been a support point of Empirical General Pompeius for his struggle against initiations to impede Lavender trade by Alanya and Side pirates.

But during Byzantine period its name then is Adaleia and has been a Bishop city, however during 8 th and 9 th centuries it was exposed to frequent attacks of Arab pirates. Seljuk Turks conquered it in the year 1214 and after that date the conquerors called them as “Dominants of Two Seas” i.e. Black Sea and the Mediterranean. After that date the city stayed open to Christian (Venetians and Genoese) sailors by commercial agreements. The big Christian and Jewish communities began to live in the quarters surrounded by city walls.

The city, which was plundered by Soldiers of Mongol Reign Tamerlaine, finally was entered under the sovereignty of Ottoman Empire.

The population of Antalya was only 35000 in the year 1960 and now is over half a million.
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