Hotel "Reutlingen Hof"

Kaleiçi, Kiliçaslan Mah.
Mermerli Banyo Sok. No:23
07100 Antalya/Turkey

Tel: +90 242 2476372
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Aspendos Festival

From the year 1994 various concerts, Opera and Ballet shows have been exposed with participation of worlds' famous groups from Turkey and Russia.

National Days

January 1st : New Year's Day; Noel is not celebrated in Turkey but New Year's Day is celebrated.

April 23rd :National Sovereignty and Children's Day; the foundation of Turkish National Assembly in the year 1920. It is celebrated by various demonstrations prepared by children coming from several countries of the world and children from Turkey.

May 19th : The Youth and Sports Day; Ataturk's landing in Samsun in the year 1919 and starting the Independence War are celebrated by demonstrations of several young groups and Sport Clubs.

August 30th : The Victory Day; The victory won by Ataturk in the year 1922 against Greeks is celebrated.

October 29th : The Republic Day; The year1923, y-the day at which the Turkish Republic was announced.

Religious Festivals :

Fasting month the Ramadan and other religious festivals are determined according to Hegira Calendar that covers 354 days. Consequently dates of them comes 10 or 11 days before every year.

The Ramadan Fest : The feast, which marks the breaking of the Ramadan fast and children are given candies. It lasts for 3 days but in the afternoon of the day before it all official life stops.

The Feast of the Sacrifice : It is at the same time the summit of Hajj; it is the greatest Islamic Religious Feast and may be compared as an example with the Easter. For the Feast Meal, all the family comes together. The sacrifice made by Abraham is seen as a symbol of the belief in God among Moslems and a sacrificial animal is killed to celebrate it.

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