Hotel "Reutlingen Hof"

Kaleiçi, Kiliçaslan Mah.
Mermerli Banyo Sok. No:23
07100 Antalya/Turkey

Tel: +90 242 2476372
Fax: + 90 242 2484075
WatsApp:+90 5492476372

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  In all the southern part of Turkey a typical Mediterranean climate dominates where it is hot and dry during summer season and wet and mild in winter season.

In the Turkish Riviera sea season starts in the mid of May where a full summer climate prevails until the beginning of October. Air temperatures in July and August may raise up to 45° C. The rest of the year a changeable climate, relaxing warmth when the sun shines, but a cool weather dominates when it rains. During high seasons you need summer clothing, for other times all you need in the evenings are blazers and strong walking shoes.

Turkey (southern coast): ANTALYA [Altitude 57 / 36*42'K/30*44'D]

Monat Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun

Niederschlag (mm)

238 191 102 48 28 9

Temperatur (*c)

9.9 10.3 12.7 16.1 20.3 25.0
Monat Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec

Niederschlag (mm)

5 2 13 70 150 223

Temperatur (*c)

28.1 27.7 24.5 19.7 14.8 11.4
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